About Us

Our family farms in the Apple River Valley and surrounding hills near Elizabeth in the heart of beautiful Jo Daviess County, Illinois. We raise grass and grain finished beef, pork, pastured chicken and turkey. We are the fourth and fifth generation of Arnolds to farm this land and take great pride in caring for it. We strive to farm in harmony with the natural environment and use systems that need few commercial inputs, such as rotational grazing for the livestock and crop rotations for the fields.

We believe our chemical and antibiotic-free meat is pure, wholesome, and tender with excellent flavor. We use no growth hormones, animal byproducts, or GMO corn in our animal feed rations.

Our beef, pork, and poultry are processed locally at USDA-inspected plants with excellent reputations and packaged in easy to use portions. Irradiation is not used nor is water added. We offer whole animals, sides, quantity packages, and individual cuts. Products may be purchased at our farm (open by appointment), at selected northwestern Illinois farmer’s markets, or by delivery to the Chicago area (click on our Shop to purchase for pickup).

We think you will find our meat a purer, fresher, and more flavorful product than generally found. We encourage your comments and questions. Please call us at 815-858-2407 or send E-mail to arnoldfarm@juno.com.

– Tom and Jessica Arnold

Reasons to Buy Our Meat

  • We use no hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products in our feed rations.
  • The feed rations are based on non-genetically modified grains, hay, and grass, raised on our own farm.
  • You are dealing directly with the producer and processor.
  • Less time from producer to processing plant resulting in less stress to the animal for more tender meat, with more flavor. 
  • Less time from processor to you for a fresher product.
  • Sides are custom cut to your specifications.

You are supporting a family farm, committed to sustainable & environmentally friendly methods of production!