Our hogs are raised outside with free access to sunshine, fresh air, & shelter. Animal by-products, antibiotics, and artificial growth promotants are not used.  No water is added to any of the cuts. The ground pork products do not contain preservatives or nitrites, and only seasonings with natural spices are used.  The ground meats have a fine flavor and don’t shrink away when cooked.

We sell you the animal by live weight.   A two week lead time is needed to arrange for processing.  If cured meat (bacon, ham) is desired, processing will take an additional two weeks, so allow 4 weeks from ordering until the meat is ready for pick up.  You specify how you wish to have the meat cut and packaged.  We will be happy to offer suggestions if needed.  Smaller or larger animals are also available. 

  Live wt. # * Price/# Animal Cost Processing TOTAL COST # freezer meat * Meat cost/#
Whole 270 $1.35 $364.50 $220.00 $584.50 135


Side 135 $1.45 $195.75 $110.00 $305.75 68


Yield for a Side * Cuts
17 lb. Ham Steaks
14 lb. Chops
9 lb. Bacon
5 lb. Pork Ribs
13 lb. Pork Roasts
10 lb. Ground Pork

*Weights & Yield Approximate