Our Angus-Hereford cross beef animals are born on lush green spring pasture and rotationally grazed through the growing season.  We use no hormones, growth promotants, or animal by-products, and finish them out on an antibiotic-free diet of non-GMO ground ear corn, organic hay, organic oats, and free choice salt and minerals.  We think you will be delighted at the fine flavor of our beef.

We sell you the animal by live weight.  The carcass will "hang" (age) for two weeks in our processor's cooler before cutting.  A two week lead time is needed to arrange for processing, so allow 4 weeks from ordering until the meat is ready for pick up.  You specify how you wish to have the meat cut and packaged.  We will be happy to offer suggestions if needed. 

  Live wt. # * Price/# Animal Cost Processing TOTAL COST # freezer meat * Meat cost/#
Whole 1200 $2.00 $2400.00 $450.00 $2850.00 408


Side 600 $2.10 $1260.00 $225.00 $1485.00 204


Quarter 300 $2.20 $660.00 $115.00 $775.00 102


Yield * Cuts
25% Steaks
25% Roasts & Ribs
50% Ground Beef & Stew Meat

*Weights and Yield Approximate

Ask about availability of our grass finished beef sides, packages, and cuts.  Different pricing applies for these animals.